Motion Control System
AC Servo Drive And Motor
Closed Loop Stepper Drive And Motor
  • Fieldbus Series
  • Multi-axis Stepper Series
  • Economic AC Servo Series
  • Five Phase Stepper Series
  • PLC Series
  • Bus series product portfolio
    • Fieldbus Series

      The Fieldbus drives utilize the advanced networking communication protocols such as EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CANopen and Modbus RTU. These cutting-edge protocols enable the drives to fully harness the power of efficient and reliable networking communication. This allows for seamless integration into various industrial automation systems and ensures optimal performance and flexibility.

  • Multi-axis product portfolio diagram
    • Multi-axis Stepper Series

      The multi-axis series drives offered by Rtelligent provide support for pulse or switch control, enable independent or synchronous operation of two-axis motors, and offer space-saving benefits compared to traditional drives. These drives are versatile, efficient, and can be easily integrated into various applications, making them a reliable choice for your automation needs.

    • Multi-axis Stepper Series

      One of the key advantages of the multi-axis series drives is their compact design, which saves a significant amount of installation space compared to traditional drives. They are designed to be space-efficient and can help optimize the layout of your system.

  • Economical bus servo scheme
    • Economic AC Servo Series

      RS-CS(CR) servo series  are known for their outstanding performance, capabilities, and flexibility and high cost-effectiveness, They feature high velocity loop bandwidth, which enables precise and responsive control of servo motors. With advanced algorithms, this series are designed to optimize the servo performance by mitigating vibrations and enhancing stability. This results in smoother and more precise motion control.

    • Economic AC Servo Series

      The RSN series AC motors are designed to work in different environments and offer optional 17-bit magnetic encoder and 23-bit optical encoder single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoders. This allows for accurate and reliable position feedback, which is crucial in many industries.

  • Five phases
    • Smaller step angle, stronger performance

      Five-phase stepper motors have smaller step angles than traditional two-phase motors. Under the same rotor structure, the unique five-phase stator structure has obvious advantages, thus enhancing the system performance.

    • Rtelligent Advanced Five-Phase Stepper Driver

      Rtelligent has tackled the technical challenge of detuning the electrical angle of a five-phase winding. Its innovative five-phase stepper driver is fully compatible with the latest pentagonal connection motors, providing excellent performance in a variety of applications.

  • PCLM1
    • PLC Series

      RX Series Programmable Logic Controller RX3U-32MR/MT is a powerful controller that provides a wealth of input and output options and communication interfaces.In addition, the controller supports three 150kHz high-speed pulse output channels, which can realize single-axis output of variable-speed and uniform-speed pulses. Its command specification is compatible with Mitsubishi FX3U series.

    • PLC Series

      Highly Efficiency & Accuracy
      Multi-core 64-bit processor for precise equipment control
      Multitasking Management
      Simultaneously handles multiple tasks and executes user commands
      Bus Control 
      Highly integrated functions suitable for various applications
      Convenient Networking
      Integrated Ethernet port for fast data interaction
      Flexible Expansion
      Option to expand and accurately adapt to specific application
      Easy Programming
      Enhances development and maintenance with improved quality and efficiency

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