CNC Machine Tool

CNC Machine Tool

The CNC engraving machine installs special design and typesetting software in the microcomputer to design and type graphics and text, automatically generates processing path information, uses specific algorithms to convert the input path information into numerical control information, and controls the servo motors of each axis. Realize engraving automation. According to different processing materials and methods, it is subdivided into woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, glass engraving machines, laser engraving machines, etc., but they basically have similar characteristics.


CNC Router ☞

Engraving machine is a common high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine, which has extremely high requirements for the precision of the motor. Rtelligent Technology's new generation of servo products can well adapt to the application requirements of fine engraving machines, with precise and stable movement, helping the equipment to ensure smooth and burr-free engraving surfaces.