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Logistics equipment is the material basis of the logistics system. With the development and progress of logistics technology, logistics equipment has been continuously improved and developed. Nowadays, many new equipment are emerging in the field of logistics equipment, such as automated three-dimensional warehouses, multi-storey shuttles, four-way pallets, elevated forklifts, automatic sorters, conveyors, automatic guided vehicles (AGV), etc. The labor intensity of people has improved the efficiency of logistics operations and service quality, reduced logistics costs, and promoted the rapid development of the logistics industry.



With the gradual development of factory automation, computer integrated manufacturing system technology, and the wide application of flexible manufacturing systems and automated three-dimensional warehouses, AGV, as a necessary means of automatic handling and unloading for connecting and adjusting discrete logistics management systems to make operations continuous, has a wide range of applications. and technical level has been rapidly developed.


Single Piece Separation ☞

In order to promote more efficient and automated parcel separation operations, parcel single-piece separation equipment has emerged as the times require. The package single-piece separation equipment uses the camera to take pictures to obtain the position, outline and front and rear adhesion status of each package. Through these information linkage recognition algorithm software, the operating speed of servo motors of different belt matrix groups is controlled, and the automatic separation of packages is realized by using the speed difference. Mixed piles of packages are arranged in a single piece and pass through in an orderly manner.


Rotary Automatic Sorting System ☞

Rotary automatic sorting system, as the name suggests, its core sorting structure is "balance wheel matrix", the slot position matches the "balance wheel matrix", the package is transported on the main conveyor, and after reaching the target slot, the swing is controlled by a servo motor The steering of the wheel can change the path of the package to achieve the purpose of sorting. Its core advantage is that there are less restrictions on the weight and volume of packages, and it is suitable for outlets with many large packages, or it can cooperate with the cross-belt sorting system to complete the sorting of large packages or the package delivery operation after package collection.